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Save up to 20% - July 13th to August 1st
Save up to 20% - July 13th to August 1st

Popeye's Mini Typhoon Shaker

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Size (servings)

20oz filled right to the top, measurements on both sides indicate up to 16oz/500ml.

This bottle has the Popeye's Supplements logo on both sides!
This shaker offers a sleek design with side grips, heavy duty, high density plastic, leak-proof flip cap, custom designed, proprietary Popeye’s Anchor-shaped mixer made to dissolve powdered product quickly.

  • Food-Grade plastic, eco-friendly material, BPA free
  • 100% leak-proof
  • Easy to drink/clean and dishwasher safe (Top Rack Only)
  • Engraved scale on bottle body
  • Popeye’s Anchor-shaped mixer