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🍁Enjoy saving on Canadian products until June 25th!🍁
🍁Enjoy saving on Canadian products until June 25th!🍁

NCN Boosted Plant Protein 840g

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Boosted Plant Protein

Fermented + Sporuted + Probiotics + Enzymes + Taste

Specially formulated with fermented and sprouted non-GMO plant-based proteins delivering a balanced and complete amino acid profile, rich in BCAA’s. Fermented and sprouted foods are easier to digest plus we’ve gone even further and added a strategic digestive enzyme blend (including Phytase and Cellulose – crucial for helping digest plant-based foods) plus probiotics (for improving gut health & nutrient absorption). This balanced formula delivers unmatched quality plus comes with a taste that is quite simply, easier to enjoy every time.

Ingredients: Complete performance protein blend (fermented pea protein isolate, organic sprouted pumpkin seed protein, organic sprouted fermented brown rice protein, organic sprouted quinoa, sprouted water lentil protein), cocoa, natural chocolate flavours, phytase-powered digestive enzyme, blend (phytase, protease l, protease ll, pineapple, papaya, cellulase, amylase), sea salt, purified stevia leaf extract (debittered), tart cherry, coconut MCT oil, probiotic bacterial cultures (Bacillus subtilis DE111®, Lactobacillus fermentum [1 billion CFU/serving]).

Formulated without: Wheat, gluten, soy, dairy.

Proudly produced in our GMP certified facility that also carefully handles ingredients from milk, soy, barley, fish (collagen). Formulated without animal products, yeast, gluten, sulfites, artificial preservatives, or synthetic colours, flavours or sweeteners. (GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices)

Suggested Use: Mix 1 servings of powder in 150 - 250 ml of water, milk, juice or your favourite beverage. Protein helps build and repair body and muscle tissue, and antibodies.