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NCN Boosted Bovine Collagen 500g

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Joint, hair, nail and skin health.

North Coast Natural's Boosted Bovine Collagen supplement is made from 100% pure hydrolyzed bovine collagen. Our collagen is enzymatically hydrolyzed for superior bioavailability. Collagen is an essential protein that makes-up ¼ of the total protein in the body. Bovine collagen consists of types I & III collagen. Of the 28 different types of collagen found in the body, these two collagens dominate by far.

This multi collagen allowing for a greater range of therapeutic benefits over just one type of collagen. Collagen peptides hydrolized has been researched for its skin, hair and nail benefits. Perfect to add to your beauty regiment. It as also been shown to aid in protein synthesis, collagen formation, reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis, heal wounds faster, supports muscle mass, and slow muscle loss with age (sarcopenia). Boosted Bovine Collagen hydrolyzed supplements can be added to smoothies or hot beverages like coffee and tea. Pair with North Coast Natural MCT Powder for a Boosted coffee option.

Boosted Bovine Collagen™ is sustainably sourced from pasture-raised, grass fed cattle. Added L- Lysine, Glycine, Vitamin C and Biotin help further boost overall joint, hair, nail and skin collagen formation.

Recommended use: Mix 1 serving of powder in 150-250 ml of coffee, smoothies, shakes and more — 1-2 x per day.

  • Rapidly Absorbed

Hydrolyzed (broken down into small bits) to dramatically improve absorption

  • Skin, Hair and Nails

Rich in Type I collagen – the most abundant type of collagen found in the body

  • Boosted Collagen Production

Lysine, glycine, Vitamin C and biotin aid in the production of collagen