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Ephedrine is on Clearance and it's selling fast. Get it before it's gone... ⌛

Iron Vegan Athletes Gainer 2.5kg

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Iron Vegan Athlete's Gainer
Fuelling a new generation of athletes

Iron Vegan's Athlete's Gainer was made with most ingredient conscious athlete in mind. Containing Non-GMO fermented pea & organic rice proteins, organic greens, sprouted whole grains, sea vegetable, plant oils and much much more! Athlete's Gainer has been thoroughly tested for banned substances and offers an remarkably smooth and creamy taste to help build strong muscles and repair body tissue.


  • 42g of organic plant-based protein per serving
    120g of carbohydrates per serving!
  • Complete profile of essential amino acids
  • No artificial flavours or colours
  • Sweetened with organic stevia leaf
  • Remarkably smooth and creamy taste


  • Fuels fitness & adventure so you can keep going longer
  • Builds lean muscle so you can come back stronger
  • Accelerates recovery so soreness doesn’t stop you

*Natural Chocolate Flavour Shown. Ingredients may vary from flavour to flavour.

Ingredients: Pea starch, Fermented pea protein isolate, Organic sprouted brown rice protein concentrate, Brown rice flour, Modified coconut oil(medium chain triglycerides), Inulin, Organic spirulina, Organic kale, Organic spinach, Organic coconut oil, Organic sunflower seed oil, Flax seed oil, Organic sprouted amaranth, Organic sprouted quinoa, Organic sprouted millet, Organic sprouted pumpkin seed, Organic kombu, Organic dulse, Organic nori, Tart cherry, Bitter melon, Pineapple, Papaya, Cinnamon, Ginger, Beet root, Xanthan gum, Natural and organic flavours, Organic stevia leaf extract.