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🍁Enjoy saving on Canadian products until June 25th!🍁
🍁Enjoy saving on Canadian products until June 25th!🍁

ATP Total Defense 144 Capsules

by ATP
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Many people take multi vitamins but report feeling no benefits. This is probably due to the fact that most multi vitamins do not contain active form vitamins - the form of each vitamin that is readily absorbed by the body.

Our Total Defense is formulated using only active form ingredients which we’ve added in therapeutic doses - a large enough dose to make a difference.

Features & Who It’s For:

  • Anyone who needs additional micronutrients, especially athletes, people consuming processed foods, and anyone following a restrictive diet
  • Superior absorption and benefit due to active form vitamins and minerals
  • Supports energy levels, immune health, and stress resistance
  • Can be supplemented once or several times daily depending on dietary needs
  • Manufactured in a cGMP and Informed Choice Certified lab