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Buy More, Save More - Get up to 20% OFF!

ATP Estro Control 75 Caps

by ATP

Estro control is scientifically formulated to balance hormones and improve the symptoms associated with estrogen dysregulation. For women, exposure to toxins in the environment can lead to excessive levels of estrogen, or general estrogen dysregulation (the imbalance between different types of estrogen). This is because thousands of toxins in the environment function as xenoestrogens - compounds which mimic estrogen in the body.

Features and Who It’s For:

  • Designed to restore hormonal balance and support symptoms associated with estrogen dysregulation
  • 100mg of patented BioResponse DIM; the only DIM used in clinical studies
  • 100mg Broccophane; a concentrated form of sulforaphane found in broccoli sprouts
  • 60mg of patented Acumin; the most bioavailable form of turmeric
  • Manufactured in a cGMP and Informed Choice Certified lab