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Ephedrine is on Clearance and it's selling fast. Get it before it's gone... ⌛

ANS Rave Nootropic Energy 252g

by ANS
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We’ve all had those days - everything feels like it’s dragging, your body just won’t do what your brain is telling it to. You may be physically & mentally tired and just need a boost to get through a workout, a math class or a long afternoon at work.


One of the most effective ways to power up your mind and body is with the use of nootropics (cognitive enhancers). RAVE combines several powerful nootropic ingredients that will energize your body and activate the brain to enhance the mind-muscle connection. 

This connection is critical for optimal performance in the gym, doing mental tasks or even improving your reaction time for enhanced gaming ability.

  • High energy, no crash formula
  • Tunnel vision focus & laser like concentration
  • Amplify executive function & memory
  • Improve mind-body neural connections & Achieve higher level cognitive processing
  • Featuring MagicLION a proprietary potent neurogenic Lion’s Mane extract
  • No artificial colours and zero sugar
  • Perfect for the athlete, student or gamer to boost in mental & physical productivity!


Mix 1 scoop of RAVE with 200mL of cold water immediately prior to consumption. Take up to 2 scoops per day at least 3-4 hours apart. RAVE helps to promote mental alertness, endurance and enhance cognitive and motor performance.


RAVE is designed for anyone that needs a mental energy boost. You can take it before you workout, play sports or train for workout intensity and mind muscle connection enhancement - but just as easily while studying, working at your desk or playing video games to experience a higher level of cognitive processing. Whenever you feel like it would be a good to to turn up the mental energy and get to the next level, reach for RAVE.


RAVE is made up of 10 powerful ingredients, all of which play a role in creating the harmonious experience of mental enhancement that you get with RAVE. Here's a brief summary on what they are and what they do.