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Over 60 products are on Sale, Save Up to 40% OFF!

Yumy Bear 50g Bag

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Yumy Bear is delicious tasting low-sugar. plant-based candy that comes in three fabulous flavors – Peach, Strawberry-Kiwi, and Sour watermelon. With only 3g of sugar per bag you can enjoy the taste of your favourite childhood candy without all the added sugar! Yummy Bear Candy is a healthier alternative to traditional high-sugar, animal gelatine based candy. It is Vegan, Gluten free and free from Sugar Alcohols. Our target market are candy lovers that enjoy gummies and reducing sugar intake.
Our customers LOVE the taste and texture of Yumy Bear gummies because they are soft and squishy and do not get stuck in your teeth like the harder stickier candy currently on the market. They love the delicious flavours that taste like regular candy but without all the sugar! No longer do you have to sacrifice taste for health, Yumy Bear only has 3g of sugar per bag so they can feel good about eating them every day without the concern of consuming too much sugar or gelatin. Yummy Bear is also completely Vegan and made from plant-based ingredients which aids in reducing the use of animal products, something everyone can feel good about!

Delicious Fruity Flavours

Guilt-free Snack

Each serving is only 3 grams of sugar

No animal gelatin

Naturally Sweetened

Eat more with no guilt!

High Fibre

No Sugar Alcohols

Gluten Free

Portion of all proceeds goes towards Wildlife Conservation in Canada