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Showcasing our Canadian products. Buy One, Get One 30% Off select brands!
Showcasing our Canadian products. Buy One, Get One 30% Off select brands!

Snack Conscious Single Bars

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Why You'll love this!

Your Brain's new BFF: the energy boosting snack to help you get more stuff done. These bites are so delicious, you’ll reach for them even when you don’t feel like ‘eating healthy’. With flavours like Chocolate Brownie, PB&J and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip you’ll never hit flavour boredom. They’re plant based, non-GMO and Keto-Friendly but the real MVP is the adaptogenic blend for energy and focus. Power up with cordyceps, boost your mood with reishi, focus with lion’s mane and keep going with maca. Plus 1B probiotics to keep your immune system in check. A snack with actual benefits!     

Flavour Descriptions
Chocolate Brownie Made with real chocolate and rolled in cookie crumblies. So decadent it melts in your mouth.
PB & J Made with real strawberries and peanut butter. Your childhood snack in one bite, just hold the bread.
PB Chocolate Chip Made with real chocolate and peanut butter. Name a better duo, we’ll wait.

Product Description
Energy boosting snack bites in flavours you crave.
Each serving has:
• a therapeutic amount of 4 adaptogens: Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi and Maca - for lasting energy and focus.
• 9g of protein and 10g of fibre with less than 4g of sugar - say goodbye to post-snack sugar crash
• one billion CFU of the purest, most effective probiotic we could find. Because when your brain and gut are in sync, magic happens

 * Nutrition Facts vary slightly from flavour to flavour.