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Fall into Health Event is on 🍂 Up to 35% off on a ton of products 💪

MuscleTech Clear Muscle Next Gen 84 Capsules


BetaTOR® is a cutting-edge metabolite and free-acid derivative of leucine and HMB that amplifies protein synthesis while fighting muscle breakdown.


Less muscle breakdown means holding onto more of your gains, so you can hit every training session with max strength.


Faster recovery means you can get back into the gym faster and work on building up more muscle.


Build on the recovery benefits of traditional amino acids by increasing protein synthesis and reducing muscle breakdown.

Strength Redefined
For those who strive to be the best they can be, MuscleTech® offers an innovative line of performance supplements to meet the demanding needs of serious fitness enthusiasts training to improve their strength, endurance and power — and maintain their competitive edge.


- Peak muscle performance & recovery

Reach peak power and exceed potential with Clear Muscle®. It’s effectively engineered to deliver the building blocks you need for maximum performance.

- Train with an added edge

A critical supplement you can rely on, Clear Muscle® will aid in quicker recovery, getting you in the gym sooner and more often.

- Real results backed by science

With scientifically researched results second to none, Clear Muscle® will help you shatter your personal records and plateaus.



MuscleTech® brings together active nutrition and human potential together for a greater purpose. We fuel those who raise the bar – whether you’re an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or just trying to stay healthy — we believe in growing stronger together. From essential nutrition to cutting-edge formulas, we’ve got your fit. Join us as we redefine what it means to be strong. After all, it’s not just about personal bests – it’s about a better way for us all.

More muscle—and increase performance

Clear Muscle® delivers an exclusive key ingredient clinically shown to provide powerful results in performance and lean muscle.



The world’s advanced choice for musclebuilding

The choice is clear. Clear Muscle® is the culmination of a decade of research and 15 clinical studies on its core ingredient, making it the most advanced choice for muscle amplification and recovery.



BetaTOR®, the exclusive performance ingredient

A MuscleTech® exclusive, BetaTOR® is a unique metabolite and free-acid HMB derivative of leucine – the most powerful amino acid. BetaTOR® leads to better performance, strength, endurance and lean muscle!


Train more often

Clear Muscle® is packed with BetaTOR®. In one clinical study on BetaTOR®, subjects increased protein synthesis by more than 70% and reduced muscle breakdown by 58%.