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Save up to 20% on your entire purchase!
Save up to 20% on your entire purchase!

Marvel Power Jug

by Marvel
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MARVEL Power Jug & Case

The World’s largest, most progressive hydration bottle & mouthware holder. Carry 3 pieces of your favorite mouthware and a full days water supply with you at all times. 

Now available with your favourite MARVEL designed characters.

Improved design and EXTRA DURABLE! 

2.2L water jug with measurement indicators on the side. 

Shaker style Typhoon lid - with new tighter fitting locking flip-cap.

Now features a screw-off bottom mouthware storage container with 'Y' compartment divider to keep your mouthware organized. 

BPA/DEHP free material.  

Features MARVEL HERO designs, and enlarged easy carry handle with grips.  

US Patent D793164 Can Patent 167